June in the Garden

After the May frenzy to get everything planted, June feels like rather a quiet month in the garden. Every bed has been planted, and there’s not much to do but water and weed and wait for things to grow. We didn’t get much sun in May, but so far June has been beautiful. Everything seemed to be stalled for a few weeks, but now that the plants are enjoying some sunshine, they are really taking off. Continue reading

Monsanto vs. the Seed Savers

Since the dawn of agriculture, farmers and gardeners have been saving seed. Now this fundamental human activity is being threatened by Monsanto and its genetically modified seed. In areas where GM corn and sugar beets are grown, farmers and gardeners who grow open pollinated varieties of corn and beets run the risk of cross pollination with GM varieties nearby. This means these growers can no longer save their seed because it may be contaminated with the genetics of the GM varieties. To add insult to injury, Monsanto has even sued farmers, whose seed has inadvertently been contaminated, with patent infringement. Continue reading