May in the Garden


The past week has really felt like a time of transition. On Saturday we ate stewed rhubarb over vanilla ice cream for the first time this year and the temperature hit 89 degrees today. Spring has most definitely given way to summer. Continue reading

May Blooms


This afternoon as I was walking up to the garden, I noticed from a couple hundred feet away a flash of red in the flower border. I was a away from the garden for barely two days and while I was gone this happened:

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A lot can happen in a week.


I spent a week in San Francisco and it seems summer arrived while I was gone. When I got back yesterday I hardly recognized the place. We had a few rainy days and some hot and sunny days, and then a little more rain, and everything really took off. The picture up top was taken just before I left. I took the next one when I got home yesterday. Everything has just about doubled in size. Continue reading