Garlic Harvest

A little over two weeks ago I pulled the garlic out of the ground. That’s very early for here, but the leaves were turning brown and it was ready to go. I think the very mild winter probably had something to do with it. I left it on the back porch to cure, and yesterday morning I brought my coffee out to the porch and set to work trimming the stalks. Continue reading

Planting Leeks


Last spring one of my community garden neighbors gave me her extra leek and shallot seedlings, and showed me how she grows leeks in a trench. To grow leeks with nice long white stalks, you need to keep covering the stalk with soil as it grows. Often leeks are planted level with the ground and soil is mounded up around them as they grow. My neighbor told me that she likes this trench method instead because she’s lazy, though you’d hardly think her lazy looking at her garden. She plants her leeks at the bottom of a trench, and then gradually fills it in as the leeks grow. The trench method is a bit more work at planting time, though I do think it makes things a little easier for the rest of the season. Continue reading