January in the Garden

photo 3

The weather New Year’s Day was as it should be, bright and cold with plenty of snow on the ground. We had more snow here in the last week of December than we had all last winter. As much as I think we all enjoyed the break from shoveling last year, it just didn’t seem right. So there’s something reassuring about some proper winter weather.


The garden is buried under a thick blanket of snow, so the only gardening I’m doing is at home, with a notebook and a pile of seed catalogs. Before I even peeked at the catalogs I went through my supply of seeds, and from the looks of it it seemed like I wouldn’t really need to be ordering much. But I have a wishlist two pages long from the Fedco catalog alone! Now I need to figure out how it will all fit and narrow down my choices.


Before I started gardening I always found January to be unbearable. It always just seemed like spring was never going to come. But now planning the garden, counting out the weeks on the calendar to figure out when to start seeds makes the winter go by so much more quickly. January has started to feel a lot less bleak.

So tell me, anything special you’re looking forward to growing this year?

7 thoughts on “January in the Garden

  1. i just ordered a whole pile of seeds – seemed the perfect antidote to looking at my garden buried under tons of snow! A question – how long can you keep seeds for? All of the packages say to plant in a specific year, but I’ve wondered (I’m new to gardening!) how long you can really keep them for. Thoughts? thanks!

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