Standard: A lot can happen in a week.


I spent a week in San Francisco and it seems summer arrived while I was gone. When I got back yesterday I hardly recognized the place. We had a few rainy days and some hot and sunny days, and then a little more rain, and everything really took off. The picture up top was taken just before I left. I took the next one when I got home yesterday. Everything has just about doubled in size.


These peas in the front beds are nearly waist high!


The ones in the next bed aren’t nearly so tall, and they never will be. But they’re covered in pretty little white flowers. We’ll be eating peas really, really soon!


When I left none of the beans had sprouted yet, but now they’ve all popped up out of the ground.


Last week the shasta daisies were just starting to open. Now they are in full bloom.


The poppies are going to bloom any day now. . .


The chard is getting big, despite the critters that have been nibbling.


The kale and arugula are growing, but the flea beetles aren’t leaving much for me.


9 thoughts on “Standard: A lot can happen in a week.

    • It really is amazing how they take off once the weather is just right, isn’t it? I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw those peas. Thanks for your nice comment!

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