April in the Garden

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Things are really starting to happen now.  The water doesn’t get turned on at the community garden until mid-April. Normally this isn’t a problem since we’re usually knee deep in mud this time of year, but our last significant rainfall was on March 3rd. This means ever since I planted my peas I’d been hauling a couple of watering cans and whatever containers I can find around the house to the garden each day, and my peas and spinach were getting just barely enough water to stay alive. I wasn’t sure if my poor little perennial herbs were going to make it. As you can probably imagine, the email I got at the end of last week announcing that the water had been turned on was pretty much the most exciting email I’ve received in a long time.

Now that they’re getting enough water, the peas are noticeably taller every day. I’ve enjoyed fresh spinach for dinner twice now. What a treat after a steady diet of kale for the past six months! I’m ready to not eat kale for a long time now. On Saturday I transplanted my lettuce, mixed greens, kale, and chard from the cold frame. I sowed beets and carrots too.  I’m hoping to plant my leeks and onions this weekend. There’s still more brown than green in the garden, but now I have something growing in each of the beds.

7 thoughts on “April in the Garden

  1. Wow – not having water turned on is a serious issue this Spring! I had a community garden plot a few years back and I remember now that we had a similar thing with having to wait for water to be turned on, but you’re right – it’s generally not a problem as Spring is normally wet and rainy! I’m glad it’s been turned on and that your peas survived! Kudos to you for hauling water to them and all of your other plants there.

    Sounds like you have some good cool weather crops planted, and how great that you’re getting spinach in! I have lettuce that is nearly ready to eat. Believe it or not, I am jealous of you and your kale! I have a green juice every morning with kale, cucumber, lemon, and celery…it would be awesome to have grown the kale and not had to buy two bunches a week at the co-op! Happy gardening!

    • Oh, I didn’t grow all the kale! I’ve been buying mine at the co-op too. I’m hoping this year I can keep some kale going through the winter, but last year it didn’t happen. I do love kale, but homegrown spinach and lettuce are a nice change!

      • Ah! Got it. I wish I had the space to grow kale (along with everything else I’d like to grow!). Homegrown spinach and lettuce are a GREAT change from eating all that kale – I’m with you there. I love it, and I drink a lot of it, but I wouldn’t want to eat as much of it as a drink. :)

  2. I couldn’t believe I was pulling out the sprinkler and hose in April! I have never watered this early in the season. Good luck this weekend. I’m keeping my finger and toes crossed that this summer is not going to be a dry as I fear.

    • I know, I hope this dryness doesn’t keep up all summer! We’re supposed to get a little rain this weekend at long last. We’ll see. . .

    • Isn’t that the way it always goes? I’ve heard about the drought in England, and I’m so glad to hear you’ve finally had some rain! We got a good soaking rain last Sunday, and a few more showers since then.

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