Spring Forward

Right now I’m sitting out on the porch in the sun. I’m not even wearing a jacket. These little seedlings I just started last Monday are enjoying a little sunshine on the porch too. Look how much they’ve grown already.20120311-165348.jpg

My first two rounds of seedlings are happy in the cold frame. It’s 70 degrees in there. The onions were started a month ago and the greens a week later. Right after I put them out in the cold frame we had a stretch of winter weather, so they got off to a slow start. A few nights the soil froze solid, but the seedlings didn’t seem to mind. Now that we’ve had a few sunny days they’re starting to take off. I just sowed some Easter Egg Radish seeds in there too. Easter egg radishes for Easter?20120311-165357.jpg

Today I started cleaning up the community garden plot. The perennial herbs all have new green leaves.20120311-165311.jpg

Last year’s parsley has even overwintered and is beginning to grow again. I think I’ll let it go to seed and try to save the seeds.20120311-165225.jpg

Last fall I sowed some spinach seeds, and they just kept growing right through the winter. We’ll be eating spinach in a few weeks I think.20120311-165020.jpg

I also started a late crop of “braising mix” (kale and mustards mostly.) I didn’t start them early enough for much of a fall harvest, but in one of the beds they are all still growing under a floating row cover.20120311-165045.jpg

Another bed of greens was left uncovered. The contrast is amazing. I never would have thought a flimsy little piece of polyester could make such a difference.20120311-165115.jpg

A few little seedlings are coming up in the flower border too. They may be the poppies I sowed last fall. Or they may just be weeds. What do you think?20120311-165251.jpg

5 thoughts on “Spring Forward

    • Hmm. . . It’s a little fuzzy, but not as fuzzy as a lamb’s ear. I have lamb’s ear in another spot in the garden, but this looks a little different.

  1. That’s really good information on the row covers. I like pictures like that, that show the results of natural experiments.

    • Actually, it’s not clear plastic, but Reemay, which is a polyester fabric. It lets most of the light through, and traps some heat, but since it’s porous rain can get in and you don’t have to worry about it getting too hot under there. It also works as an insect barrier. Great stuff!

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